The Cast

John Mitchell

Executive Director/ Ping Pong Guru

John Mitchell is a man of many faces.  He also wears a lot of hats, and none of them are quite big enough.  He is the Owner and Executive Director of Monarch Media Studios.  He prides himself on his uncanny ability to identify cereals by smell alone, though no one has actually ever tested him on this.  If you were to describe John in less than three words it would be “John is a…”  Apparently it can’t be done.  John is multi-talented and can bring a lot of experience to every project.  He has years of experience in many different fields, of course most recently in the media production field, but also in civil service with the Navy, and in ministry with several different churches in several different cities.  John is a father of 2 kids, London and Reece, and the husband of 1 wife, Risha.  They have a dog named Bogey.  In his spare time he’s likely on the golf course or on the ping-pong table…. or mowing his yard, or cleaning the house, or any number of things that most people do when they aren’t working.


TJ Lewis

Media Director/ All-Around Good Guy

TJ is a self-proclaimed good-guy.  He wishes he could fight off evil but has never been strong enough.  He really enjoys media, technology, art, and academics.  His wife, Kristen and two daughters, Ellie and Cora, constantly tell him he’s the greatest father and husband. He’s not Narcissistic.  TJ has been with Monarch for over 4 years, and has grown tremendously.  When he started he weighed somewhere near 157 and is now well over 175.   Prime numbers are very important to him, and he can make up a jingle at the drop of a hat.  TJ desperately wants to be considered athletic but winds up playing in obscure sports where very little athletic ability is required.  He plays disc golf and rides mountain and road bikes. He also really likes the sport of camping.  TJ has never met someone he didn’t want to shoot.  He constantly repeats Oprah’s saying that “Everyone has a story”… or something like that. His favorite foods are hot dogs and pizza and his favorite movie is and always will be Top Gun.



You’re name Here…

Creative Genius/ Airplane Pilot

Monarch is always looking for the next talented person to add to our crew or even just the next job.  We often will use outside contractors and freelancers in a number of roles from camera operators and gaffers to script writers and editors or motion graphics wizards.  If you think you might want to join our team in any capacity, don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your resume and portfolio or reel.